What's up Vic?

I am already back in the studio, getting inky and ready to open up my studio next year to the kentish public for the next South East Open Studios.
I am still doodling away with pen and ink and a bit of acid, depending on whether I am getting black and white or in a more colourful printing mood but I have been sidetracked by building up my silvery empire viksilver.com That's the problem with us arty folk, we just can't stick to one medium at a time. It's all about being creative and I have now combined my empires by writing and illustrating stories for my castle christening boxes and my jewellery magazine "Genius & Graft."
I have just entered the aoi serco prize for illustration again. I did get to hang in the London Transport one year and really enjoyed it especially as the standard is so high. So many talented illustrators, so many unique ideas...