My Story


I have always been a doodler but for some reason when it came to choosing my destiny I chose to take the path of the bookworm. One English Degree later, I opted to go to Drama School and acted up all over the place for about ten years. I was never on the tele but I could have been doing something worthy in a theatre near you. Finally, after realising that I could take criticism, I have come full circle back to drawing. Being generally quite crafty, I also make jewellery, out of silver and other charming bits and bobs.


I have had some lovely clients. Here are a few:

The Kent Wildlife Trust
Chateaux La Tour Boisée
Raviolis Perrin
The Green Alliance
The Institute of Electrical Engineers
Wardle Mclean
The Medical Protection Society
Simon Miller
Raviolis Perrin

The Aisling Foundation


My pictures have hung about in:

“A View of London” London Transport Museum
& Association of Illustrators May / June 2009
CPT Gallery, Camden - Jan to June 2008
Brighton Fringe Festival - May 2007
Pullens, Herne Hill - Nov 2006
“ Au Coin de la Rue” The Garrick,Covent Garden - Summer 2006
Hotel De L’Opera, Toulouse - July 2001
Hotel D'Assézat


It is a really nice feeling to look casually up at your bookshelf and see your name on something published.

The Wardle McLean's Little Book of Qualitative Wisdom
The Ultimate Blockbuster General Knowledge Quiz Book
& The Ultimate Blockbuster Film & TV Quiz Book– Boxed Brand 2006
"Sur Un Air de Musique à Toulouse" – Editions d’Assalit 2001 - A collection of my prints commissioned specially to celebrate the Cultural and Architectural heritage of La Ville Rose.


It's always a good ego massage to win anything. Here's what massaged mine:
Cathédral St Étienne, Toulouse

Artist & Gallery Award, 2008 Fringe Report Awards, Brighton Fringe Festival 2007
Shortlisted for the Visual Arts Prize, Brighton Fringe Festival 2007
3rd Prize "Back to Basics" National Cartoon Competition, Angle Gallery, Birmingham

I am currently very much involved with the South East Open Studios as an Area Coordinator and on the committee as Social Media Officer and Minutes Secretary. I sell my etchings during this event and also at the Small Print Show at Seal Chart Studios. I tend to be more of an artist these days, doing my own thing as I concentrate on my Jewellery Empire viksilver. I also teach at the Adult Education Centre which I thoroughly enjoy.